East London Fighting Arts School

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Hello , A Good Mix Of Training kick Boxing And Defence And Loved Session. Develop Confidence And With Other Children And Improved Communication Skills.

Atiq Rehman

Shaj Is An Excellent And Dedicated Instructor,Truly Recommend Great Session So Much Energy.

Hanle De Lange

Excellent Session But So Rewarding.

Ashish Domah

Great Martial Arts Teacher And Shaj Has Been Practicing Since He Was 12 Years Combines Martial Arts And Chun Kung Fu For Self Defence Health And Fitness. Sport Training With Medatation To Teach His Students With Great Values In A Difficult Live In Nowadays Great Service Simple Forward.

Yaseen Father

Sfu Shaj A Great Teacher For Whisper For Teaching Children Way Sfu Communicate With His Students Combining Anti Social Behaviour With Medatation For Being Calm And Inner Chun Kung Fu Improve Self Confidence , concentration , Self Defence And Wellbeing.

Sheroz Mohammed

Shaj Is A Great Teacher Excellent Session So Rewarding. So Much Energy For Session With Passion. Concentration Health And Mind Development And Peace.

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